Pro bodybuilder makes another plea for support

IFBB Elite Pro, Sher-Ronda Brathwaite
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By Neto Baptiste

IFBB Elite Pro Sher-Ronda Brathwaite continues to agitate for financial support as she remains focused on getting to the SudAmerica Elite Pro championship slated for December 2-6 in Argentina.

The body fitness athlete, who made a public appeal earlier this month, said support has been slow in coming and is still seeking to raise EC $4,000 in hopes of competing in Argentina.

“It’s a case where you reach out to some people and they would say ‘check in again next week’, or they just don’t answer. So it’s a case where it would be nice that if it’s a no then it’s a no and I wouldn’t have to contact you again and this saves me the time and saves you the energy of seeing the call and ignoring it. Some have said okay, they didn’t fit it into their budget at this time and I totally understand,” she said. 

Brathwaite, who said her aim is to dominate her division at the pro championship, revealed she has also reached out the government for assistance, but is not too optimistic that it would be approved in time.

“I am hoping I would be able to get assistance on time but it is not necessarily a guarantee, which is why I am reaching out to the private sector. I am not going to say I am getting a favourable response. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do get through with the government but as it stands I am still not sure because everything is a process with the government,t so I have to wait for approval if it’s possible,” she said.

Brathwaite qualified for her IFBB Elite Pro card in July 2019. Those wishing to support the athlete’s bid to compete in Argentina can be reach her at 771-2000.

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