Privy Council requests information on D Gisele Isaac’s case

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The Privy Council has ruled that it should hear an appeal in the Board of Education case of D Gisele Isaac’s dismissal from the Board of Education.

Attorney for Isaac, Justin Simon QC, said the decision by the Privy Council to have the matter heard there does not suggest respondent Isaac’s case is weak and would amount to a defeat.

“The fact the leave is granted does not mean that the Privy Council is going to find for the other side, it simply means that the Privy Council considers this to be a matter of public interest which they would like to have heard before them and for them to make an announcement,” Simon told OBSERVER yesterday.

The Privy Council stated that having considered an application for permission to appeal from a judgement of the Court of Appeal of Antigua & Barbuda dated March 11, 2016 in the matter of appellants Attorney General and Education  minister Michael Brown against Isaac, the court agreed that permission should be granted.

Additionally, in giving its November 30, 2016 decision the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council proposed that leave should have been granted.

“The Board will also wish to be addressed on the nature of the Respondent’s employment (including the basis) and whether her claim should not be regarded as a private law claim (effectively for wrongful dismissal) …and, if that there were the right

analysis, what would be appropriate disposal,” the communique from the Registrar of the Privy Council said.

Dr David Dorsett who represents the government as part of Watt, Dorsett and Company – with Sir Gerald Watt QC the lead counsel, said both sides are now working together.

More in today’s Daily Observer.


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