Prisoners from BVI to stay in St. Lucia longer than expected

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Prisoners from the  British Virgin Islands (BVI) who were temporarily transferred to the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) here, are expected to stay longer than originally expected.
This was announced by Governor of the British Overseas Territory  Augustus Jaspert as work to repair the hurricane-damaged Balsam’s Ghut prison continues.
The prisoners were originally expected to be returned to the British Virgin Islands in March.
Twenty-one BVI inmates were transferred here last year from their hurricane-ravaged country.
Just last month, St Lucia’s Deputy Director of Corrections, Leonard Terrance told journalists that there had been no official word on when the inmates will be repatriated.
Asked at the time whether having the BVI inmates at the BCF puts pressure on the facility, strains its resources or creates challenges of space, he said – “I can do with a little bit more space so that I can properly classify or even do some further classification of the inmates that we have. But we will always be under pressure. This is a prison – this is not a public service building per se.”
The   BVI prisoners are among an estimated 45 foreign nationals currently at the BCF.
Terrance said that apart from the BVI inmates, Venezuelans comprise the largest group.

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