Prisoners at His Majesty’s Prison riot due to improper treatment and conditions

His Majesty's Prison
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By Samantha Simon

[email protected]

Prisoners reportedly released themselves into the institution’s courtyard using keys seized from an officer earlier this afternoon, after approximately five days of inadequate food and water as well as being put on total lockdown on December 18.

The keys were supposedly procured after inmates threw faecal matter and urine at an officer.

The riot squad and local police force were reportedly called to the scene and it is alleged that tear gas and rubber bullets were used with one prisoner being shot by a rubber bullet.

This information was received from Dr. Jacqui Quinn who was at the scene this morning.

Observer Media reached out to prison boss Jermaine Anthony for verification and comments but he declined to comment.

Police Public Relations Officer Frankie Thomas was also contacted but was not in a position to comment on the matter at the time.

We will follow up with further details as they become available

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