Prisoner died of a heart attack

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A postmortem conducted on the body of the prisoner who died in his jail cell last month revealed 67- year-old Wilbert Paul’s death was as a result of heart at- tack.
Pathologist, Dr. Lester Simon conducted the autopsy earlier this month (February), following the December 31, 2017, discovery of Paul’s lifeless body.
Paul was known to have a heart condition and was also disabled due to an accident in prison.
A police official said the body was released to the family immediately following the autopsy and funeral arrangements are being tentatively made for March 3. OBSERVER media re- ported back in January, that a prison source revealed that Paul was found dead in his cell hours after he called out for medical attention which he did not receive.
According to the information  from  prisoner, who did not wish to  be  named, due to the sensitivity of the matter, the 67-year-old man became quiet a few hours after he began crying out and it was thought that he had fallen asleep.
Paul was serving a 14- year sentence imposed by the High Court in 2011 for trying to murder his ex-wife Sylvia Green-Paul.
In 2014, Paul’s lawyer was unsuccessful in getting the ruling reduced on the grounds of deteriorating health and a known documented heart condition.

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