Prison reform advocate now facing fraud and larceny charges

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Prison Advocate Jessica Thompson
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A woman known for advocating for prison reform has found herself on the wrong side of the law and has now been placed on bail pending the outcome of fraud allegations lodges against her.

Jessica Thompson is facing charges of theft after allegedly stealing a bank card and withdrawing nearly 20,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars.’

Thompson is accused of committing 13 counts of fraudulent electronic fund transfers, totalling $19,200, and one count of larceny for taking the debit card. 

The incidents reportedly took place in early December, with withdrawals made at two different banks.

Appearing before the St. John’s Magistrate’s Court on Friday, Thompson was granted bail by Magistrate Dexter Wason in the sum of $20,000, with a cash requirement of $3000. 

As part of her bail conditions, she must surrender her travel documents, report to a police station several days a week, and provide sureties.

This development comes as a stark contrast to Thompson’s previous efforts in advocating for prison reform.

A few years ago, the 42-year-old became known for decrying the deplorable conditions at Her Majesty’s Prison. 

Having experienced these conditions firsthand during her own time behind bars, Thompson sought public support in her crusade.

Now, facing serious criminal charges, Thompson’s future remains uncertain, with the possibility of returning to prison looming over her. 

Her committal hearing is set for April 22.

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