Prison officers get certificates in Correctional Institution Management

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Three Prison Officers from Her Majesty’s Prisons have returned home after successful completion of an annual two-week Correctional Institution Management course, which was held in the US state of Colorado.

The trio, Chief Officer Jermaine Anthony, Acting Principal Officer Kevin Desilva, and Junior Prison Officer Thelma Thomas are now certified in Correctional Institution Management, according to a release from the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

Some of the key topics covered in the course included the Mandela Rules — a set of international rules and regulations governing the rights of inmates; facility management strategies for penal institutions; prison industries and their purposes.

The officers said the course has afforded them the opportunity to gain new insight, as the Inmate Classification for Needs and Management has allowed them to conceptualise the importance of preparing inmates with survival skills necessary to be successful citizens upon their release from the correctional facility.

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