Pringle urges nation to contribute to rowers’ charity

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Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Jamale Pringle, has urged residents to support the Cottage of Hope, the charity of choice for the Team Antigua Island Girls who recently completed their historic row of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pringle was one of many dignitaries who greeted the four rowers on their arrival at Nelson’s Dockyard on Monday.

“I urge the public to contribute to their charity effort because, as we know, this is a charitable effort they have committed to and I am really elated because I am familiar with at least two of the four ladies who completed such an heroic task to row across the Atlantic. I want all of us as Antiguans to lift them up and also to capitalize on this opportunity to push Antigua and Barbuda further as a country,” he said.

Crystal Clashing, Kevinia Francis, Samara Emmanuel and Elvira Bell created history on Monday when they became the first black female team to complete the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. They completed the journey in just over 47 days after leaving La Gomera in the Canary Islands of Spain on December 12 last year.

Pringle, the parliamentary representative for the All Saints East & St. Luke Constituency, also commended the “Fantastic Four” on their accomplishment.

“And I must say I admire their courage, their strength and their resilience; because for me, I would only dream of it and it’s not something I would ever attempt and I applaud these girls for what they have done and for the name they have given Antigua and Barbuda. We often hear about the negative but when something positive is done we sort of glance over it,” he said.

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