Prime Minister urges the church to assist in crime fight

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KINGSTON, Jamaica, Jan. 5, CMC – Prime Minister Andrew Holness has issued an appeal to the church to support the government in the fight against the rising levels of crime and violence in the country.
Holness, issued the charge on Wednesday at the 12th annual “Heal the Family, Heal the Nation” service.
“There is work that the Government has to do, but there is some praying that I need the church to do… for the spiritual invocation and empowerment of an intervention to make a transformative change in this country. The only protector of the community must be the Government of Jamaica, the police force and Jesus Christ, the Almighty Saviour. We don’t need any dons and criminals to protect us,” he said.
The Prime Minister noted that crime is the greatest threat to Jamaica and called on citizens to distance themselves from family members and spouses who are involved in criminal activity.
“Now is not a time when there must be any separation politically in terms of our unity in addressing the issues of crime and violence in Jamaica; but now is the time when law-abiding, God-fearing Jamaicans must turn their backs on the criminals. Don’t let them survive in your community. Don’t give them safe haven in your community.”
The service, that was also attended by Members of Parliament, including opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller , was held under the theme ‘Working Together for Kingdom and Nation Building’.
In her address, Simpson Miller said t hat as a society, love and kindness are being ignored.
“We need more parents who will send their children to Sunday school. Not many parents see the importance of that anymore. I am aware that the moral decay is deteriorating, but I don’t believe that the Church alone should bear that burden,” she said.
“Whether in government or opposition, we all know the role of the Church in supporting and developing spiritually healthy families and communities. I want to say to the Christians in here (that) we need to love others more. We need to give persons that bright smile. I am being criticised for hugging and kissing too much, but I will not stop because that came from my Master.”
At least 1,300 people were killed in the country in 2016.
In his New Year message to the country, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that crime was severely affecting the socio-economic development of Jamaica and a plan to secure the island will be outlined in the coming weeks.

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