Prime Minister to discuss measures to prevent unvaccinated entry into bars

Prime Minister Gaston Browne
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by Leon Norville
[email protected]

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is sparing nothing in ensuring that the government is doing its part to provide for the safety of the public in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Browne said that there are unvaccinated people going to bars to socialize, and he plans to discuss measures that can be taken to address the issue.

He said, “Only fully vaccinated persons should be allowed to access these bars, and that’s a matter we are going to discuss.”

The Prime Minister said that while he knows management may be a bit challenging, he is quite sure that systems can be put in place to manage the policy because, “If we don’t do so, then you’re going to have these spontaneous crowds of unvaccinated persons creating a significant risk for the rest of us,” he explained.

Browne said that turning a blind eye to what is currently going on could possibly result in an explosion of cases.

“I believe that the policy should be that you are fully vaccinated. If not, you can’t access the bar, and we have to get tough otherwise this thing is going to get out of hand,” he added.

The prime minister believes that it is ultimately the government’s decision to take the steps needed to secure the wider population. He said, “They are going to blame us, so we need to bite the bullet and do what we have to do, and to force these people to get vaccinated.”

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