‘Pretty Boy’ out on bail

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Assistant Football Coach for an Antigua team, Derrick “Pretty Boy” Edwards, is finally out on bail in Jamaica.
He was granted bail on March 29th when he first appeared in court on several drug charges, including possession of ganja and dealing in ganja.
But there were some hiccups in getting him released from custody.
Attorney Bert Samuels, whose law firm has been hired by the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association to represent Edwards, confirmed the development this afternoon.
Samuels said Edwards was released at approximately 3:20 this afternoon, Jamaica time. Jamaica is an hour behind of Antigua.
The Jamaican attorney is also representing Danny Benjamin, the equipment manager of the Antigua and Barbuda football team, who was arrested along with Edwards following the discovery of less than four pounds of marijuana in a bag belonging to the team.
Benjamin was denied bail on March 29th. Another attempt will be made shortly to secure his bail.

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