‘Pretty Boy’ and Danny vindicated

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The absolute joy and relief of the two officials of the Antigua and Barbuda Football team who were facing drug-related charges in Jamaica, were communicated to OBSERVER media over the telephone, yesterday, after the charges against them were dismissed.
The team’s Assistant Coach, 49-year-old Derrick “Pretty Boy” Edwards and the Equipment Coordinator, Danny Benjamin, 48, conveyed their pleasure after news broke that their ordeal, which began on March 26, had come to an end and that they were free to return home.
“Well, it is a good feeling and we have to give God thanks for everything,” Edwards told our newsroom. “I think that the evidence that was put against us, it was not strong enough for the judge to find us guilty.”
In expressing his gratitude, Benjamin said that he felt that justice had been done and he highly commended their legal team.
“They did an excellent job and we had put our confidence in them. They are [some] of the top lawyers [in Jamaica] and they have been with us and went through everything with us,” he said.
Prosecutors in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court dropped the charges against the duo, yesterday, after they failed to find enough evidence to prove the two men guilty of the charges.
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