Press Release: Five Remanded for Attempted Murder

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A family of four and their friend were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison on Friday, after the police charged them with the Attempted Murder of two brothers.
Pedro Figueroa Valdez of St. Johnson’s Village and his son Jonathan Figueroa of Grays Farm, his two nephews, Juan and Radhy Figueroa of Grays Farm and Bendals respectively and their friend José Pinedo of Hatton, were charged jointly with two counts each of Attempted Murder of Rafael and Joan Peña of Perry Bay.
It is alleged that on Sunday 4 th June, all five men went to the home of the brothers, armed with cutlasses and knives and attacked them while they were sitting outside of their house.
The men received multiple injuries to various parts of their bodies and had to be rushed to the Mount St. Johns Medical Center.
Rafael was treated and discharged on the same day; however, his brother is still at the hospital receiving medical treatment.
His condition is said to be stable.
Both nephews had an additional charge of Malicious Damage brought against them for allegedly causing damage to a vehicle, which at the time was transporting the brothers to the hospital.
Committal proceedings are set for July 5 th , 2017.

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