Press Release: Falmouth Man Found with Drugs & Ammo

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Police carried out a search on the home of a Falmouth man on Friday and found him in possession of ammunition and drugs.
Lester Parker is currently in police custody assisting the police with their investigations after he was found with three 9mm Luger rounds of ammunition and a quantity of Cannabis. Officers attached to Liberta Police Station and the K-9 Unit were part of the operation, when the items were found inside his bedroom.
He was taken into custody, and the items were seized and taken to the police station.
Parker is currently on bail for a number of offences he committed in February of this year.
He was intercepted by officers attached to Liberta Police Station during a routine ‘Stop & Search’ exercise, and was found in possession of large sums of $EC and $US currencies and Cannabis.
He was then charged with Possession of Criminal Property, Possession of Drugs and driving without a valid license.
He is expected to be charged for the current offences and taken before the Court next week.

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