President Moise on official visit to Venezuela

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CARACAS, Venezuela, Nov 28, CMC – Venezuela and Haiti have signed two agreements strengthening their bilateral relations as President Jovenel Moise is on his first official visit to Central American country since taking coming to office earlier this year.
Moise, who arrived here on Monday held talks with President Nicolas Maduro and according to a statement issued here the two leaders have fully reviewed the work plan and cooperation between their countries and PetroCaribe, the oil initiative Venezuela has with many Caribbean countries to purchase oil on conditions of preferential payment.
The alliance was launched on 29 June 2005 in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela and in 2013 PetroCaribe agreed links with the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), to go beyond oil and promote economic cooperation.
At the end of their deliberations, the two leaders signed agreements on agricultural cooperation and trade.
“We have been in permanent partnership since the beginning of our history and we thank the people and the Venezuelan President,’ Moise said, recalling that the relations between Haiti and Venezuela have a historical basis with Alexandre Pétion who had given his unconditional support to the liberator Simón Bolívar in his fight against the Spanish colonialism.
Moise also said that the two governments are working on a mutually beneficial cooperation project, saying that Caracas will help Port au Prince meet its growing needs in terms of agricultural development, electricity and road rehabilitation.

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