President indicates plan for Athletes to reimburse Association

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President of the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA), Everton “Mano” Cornelius has indicated his plan for the Association to be in reimbursed by athletes who withdraw from national duty barring sickness and uncontrollable circumstances.
The plan came to be after the latest issue where national triple jumper, Taeco O’garro, withdrew from the North American Central American and Caribbean Championships (NACAC) team after a plane ticket was purchased for the athlete who initially indicated his availability.
“Now Taeco was on the team from all indications
but when asked at a later date it was said by his coach that he is not prepared for the game. I said leave it and I just came to a different conclusion that from here onwards the athletes will sign on their availability and at the time I purchase tickets and anything happens outside of sickness or an emergency which is beyond their control then they will basically have to refund our money.”
Cornelius however did indicate that he did not personally contact O’garro to investigate the matter.
The NACAC trip was sponsored totally by the ABAA. (Carlena Knight)

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