Pres Release: A&B Festivals Commissions Decision Stands

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The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission wishes to advise that it stands by its original position as outlined its letter on July 20 to Lena Phillip, (Queen Ivena) concerning the matter of a Defamation Claim: Gaston Browne v. Lena Phillip regarding song “Nastiness).
The Commission reiterates that its objective is to foster an effective competition between Calypsonians. However, the Commission and its members will accept no liability or potential liability in relation to any song or material which is the sublect of a Defamation Court claim.
The Commission further reiterates that as outlined in its letter of July 20, 2017, following receipt of legal advice, that any and all defamatory words or allegedly defamatory words in the song agatnst any person or entity whatsoever, must be removed and the artiste must execute an Indemnity Form to hold harmless and Indemnified the Festivals Commission and its Members against any lawsuit which may be instituted against the Commission and/or its members by the Prime Minister or any other person or entity referred to, or in any other respect in relation to the song ”Nastiness” or performance at any event held by the Festivals Commission. Failing this, the artiste Will not be allowed to perform.
The members are strongly of the view that they will not expose themselves to legal action as indicated by the Attorney-at-Law for the Prime Minister who has put the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Comnussron on notice that if the song “Nastiness” in its current form and also as pleaded in the said Claim, containing the words alleged by the Prime Minister to be defamatory, are sung at the Calypso Semi-Finals Competition on July 22, 2017, the Festivals Commission and its Members Will also be sued in the High Court ofJustice for damages. (Ends)

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