Preparations for an archeological camp in Barbuda

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The Barbuda Rising Homecoming Committee has begun preparations for an archeological camp in Barbuda next year.
The committee said that the aim of the camp was to get Barbudans more acquainted with the history of the island.
Darlene Beazer, spokesperson for the body, said that the idea arose during a hike, which was a part of the homecoming reunion last week.
“Especially, on the hike to the archaeological site, that we wish we were taught some of those facts and information about Barbuda because we came to the [realisation] that we actually know nothing about our history in terms of the first peoples who were here and how we continue to survive as Barbudans,” she said adding that the camp will either occur in 2019 or 2020.
The homecoming reunion, which started on July 21 through July 27, was the first of its kind and was aimed at bringing together Barbudans at home and across the diaspora.
Beazer said that there are plans for the circulation of an outline of a national plan for the further development of Barbuda.
“There is planning on, and the purpose of that is to produce a final document so that we can present it and say that [this is the] framework to begin the comprehensive planning as to what can happen in Barbuda,” she said.
Some of the activities during last week’s reunion included a village cleanup, a combined thanksgiving service, a family fun day, a beach picnic and a health and wellness fair.

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