Potters Primary students participate in Independence art competition

Some of the artwork submitted by the grade 3 class at the Potters Primary School (Photo courtesy Teacher Hannah Aubrey)
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By Theresa Goodwin

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Ten of the 13 students enrolled in the grade 3 class at the Potters Primary School have used the theme for the country’s 40th anniversary of Independence as a template to inspire their own drawings and paintings for an Art Competition organised by their teacher.

Educator Hannah Aubrey said she wanted her children to do something significant for Antigua and Barbuda’s 40th year of political independence.

She explained the first thought which came to mind was to print the Independence theme and logo and have the children use their creativity to colour the images, and the student with the best colouring takes home a number of prizes.

After discussing the idea with some of her colleagues, the thought for the art competition was developed.

“Independence has always been one of my favourite times of the year and I knew that I wanted to do something special to celebrate the 40th anniversary and integrate the entire class,” Aubrey said.

The deadline for the submission of all entries was October 25th, and according to Aubrey the prizes include a tablet for 1st place, a cellular phone for the second-place entry, and a LITENERGY Portable Tracing and Drawing Board for the 3rd placed.

Students who are not placed will also receive a special gift. Additionally, all participants will also receive a certificate. The winners will be announced after the extended holiday weekend.

Aubrey also expressed gratitude to a host of teachers at the Potters Primary who assisted with the launching of the competition and members of corporate Antigua who are sponsoring the prizes.

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