Potters Primary overcomes helplessness and dependency

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Grade Six students of the Potters Primary School last Friday held the official groundbreaking for a school-based social studies assessment project to extend the building which houses their classroom.

The project serves the practical function of providing badly needed additional classroom space – and also forms the basis for their National Grade Six Assessment Community Project.

Jaylee Mascall, Ahmed Michael and Angel Charles – all in Grade Six – provided details of the project.

According to Mascall, the problem was identified from the beginning of the school year, so they decided to embark on this very ambitious project to add a 12×20-foot extension to the current building.

“The problem is that 32 students are functioning in a small classroom currently because of the shortage of space, [therefore] the size the class should be divided into two. We decided to stop complaining and take on the challenge to solve the problems ourselves.”

Michael explained that after identifying and determining the solution, they began the planning. A representative from the Development Control Authority visited the classroom and discussed the different types of plans needed.

“After, a member from the Board of Education visited and spoke to us about all the plans required for constructing a building,” he said.

Charles noted that the estimates were also done.

“We soon realized the magnitude of our project and the funds required. In order to commence and raise funds, a number of activities were planned – a barbecue and a fair.”

She added: “With the help of business places around our environment, most of the funds have been raised therefore the time has come for us to break ground,” Charles told OBSERVER media.

Education Officer for Social Sciences Phil Lloyd was impressed with the children’s confidence and excitement about the project.

“When I heard about the project that they were undertaking at first I said that it’s too huge for students to undertake, but when I heard one of the students making a presentation over OBSERVER Radio, I said it’s going to happen.

“I’m very pleased and on behalf of the Ministry of Education I want to congratulate the students for taking on this huge initiative and I know it will be successful,” Lloyd said.

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