Potters man to serve two years for receiving stolen building materials

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A High Court judge has sentenced a Potters resident to two years in prison for receiving a quantity of stolen construction materials more than three years ago.

In late January 2018, a number of items to include doors, toilet bowls, lights, sinks, and paint, went missing from the complainant’s two-bedroom home which was under construction.

The estimated value of the missing items was $18,000.

As a result of a report made to the police, a warrant was executed at the Potters home of Charlesworth Ambrose, and a significant quantity of building materials were found therein.

The complainant provided proof that the items belonged to him.

Ambrose was initially charged with one count of breaking, entering and larceny, and one count of receiving, in 2020.

But on Tuesday, the accused admitted to receiving, and the prosecution accepted the plea and did not proceed with the first count.

Justice Colin Williams presided over the matter and handed down the sentence yesterday.

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