Potential writers strike could impact shows like Walking Dead, Star Trek: Discovery

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Writers and Hollywood studios are in the midst of high stakes negotiations over a new Writers Guild of America contract, and depending on how it plays out, several high-profile shows could be affected this fall.
The guild has already approved strike authorization while it tries to negotiate new terms, meaning that if discussions go sideways over the next few days, writers could strike when the current contract expires May 1. The last strike occurred in 2007-2008, and led to several production delays and cancellations across the TV and film industry. It might seem like inside baseball for the casual TV viewer, but if a strike does occur, there are a whole lot of shows that could be affected over the next few months.
As Entertainment Weekly notes, a strike could affect script delivery and production on shows including The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Discovery, Jessica Jones, The Inhumans and American Horror Story. Those are all on schedules where they’ll need additional scripts written and produced over the next few months, and if a strike occurs, they could be benched.
Looking a bit further down the line, there are some upcoming shows that should be unscathed regardless of what happens with negotiations. The next season of Game of Thrones looks to be far enough along, as well as Orphan Black, Twin Peaks, Outlander and American Gods. So, you know, there will still be some stuff to watch no matter what happens.

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