Potential opportunities for locals in medical marijuana

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Antiguans and Barbudans who are desirous of pursuing a career in pharmacology will soon have the opportunity to pursue studies in the field, as the government prepares to embark on the medical marijuana industry.
Government’s chief of staff, Lionel Hurst, in an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media yesterday, explained that the Cabinet will select suitable nationals to pursue possible careers in this field, looking specifically for people who are in the process of attaining a degree in pharmacology. 
The chief of staff added that selection would be in accordance with qualifications required by the Ministry of Health. 
He said it is projected that the selectees will comprise two batches that would be sent to Canada to receive training for the purpose of manufacturing medical marijuana products at local laboratories.
Hurst said that in addition to the laboratories, it is intended that local marijuana farms will be established from which cannabis will be produced for the local industry.
He said negotiations are in progress to facilitate research in medical marijuana and the application of its chemical components by local pharmacists to combat various ailments.
The chief of staff said that Cabinet discussed the issue of a local medical marijuana industry at the recent Cabinet meeting on April, 11.
Hurst said that the project, which will be concretised in due course, would create opportunities for local pharmacists to branch into a unique field, generate revenue, create employment and ultimately an industry.

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