Postal Workers Strike, blame it on the rain

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More than 200 workers at the General Post Office walked off the job yesterday calling on their employer to do remedial work on their lower High Street location that has been without electricity because of the recent rains.
The workers told OBSERVER media yesterday that they will remain off the job until the leaky building is fixed and electricity is restored.
Wigley George of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union, which represents the workers, said that while the management is not to blame for the rains that caused power to the building to be terminated because of electrical issues, immediate work should commence to rectify the problem.
“They had to take off the current because they found out that there were some exposed wires in the building. Since then they have not returned electricity so that the workers can continue to work. It has become so severe that the building is now damp on the inside and the management seem not to be taking any caution to have it remedied,” he said.
It is well documented that the postal service has been plagued with many problems over the years.
This recent issue is believed to be blamed on the roof being saturated from the recent deluge which leaked into the building, damaging some of the mails that could not be delivered.
“I am not going to blame postal management at this time, the rain came, letters got wet, they had to take off electricity but they need to have remedial work immediately. It is coming to about Christmas time and we do not want the masses to be at a disadvantage when it comes to the delivery of mail,” he said.
He urged management to liaise with their superiors to convince the government to maybe get workers from the government construction team to immediately fix the building. 
Placard-carrying employees huddled under umbrellas and were spread out all across the lower part of High Street.
Some placards read: “Dog bite me, goat butt me down, mold in the walls, we are all at risk”; “We need better lighting, bug ah bite me, we need more money, we need a new building”.
The workers have threatened that the industrial action will be resumed today and will be continued until their concerns are addressed.

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