Postal workers heading back to work

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Postal workers at the General Post Office are going back to work to address the backlog of mail and parcels that have gone undelivered for weeks.
Ongoing renovations at the lower High Street location resulted in employees being sent home for more than two weeks. Mail and parcels were piling up and many residents were becoming frustrated with the lack of information on how soon regular operations would resume.
Wigley George, president of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union told OBSERVER media yesterday that despite the issues that caused workers to refuse to resume work, they have “volunteered” to work.
He added that this was particularly commendable because employees were not to work in the current conditions.
“The workers recognised that the public is under heavy strain. The banks are not able to process their remittances because of the lack of paperwork, and the [Antigua Public Utilities Authority] bills that are still out there. I want to thank the workers for taking the initiative in the interest of the public,” George said.
He said the decision was made at a meeting yesterday after workers approached him to indicate they would be willing to resume duties since they would not be required to be in the building for long periods.
“The sorters would go in and the postmen and women would pick up the bag, go out and deliver and then return their bag and go home,” he explained.
During the last three weeks, postal workers were asked to stay home in order to facilitate the refurbishment.
Last week Tuesday, health official agreed with the almost 300 workers who said that the building was not fit for employees to work in while the repairs were underway.
The employees were dismissed and told to await further instructions on their return after they protested.
Striking employees complained about the dust, poor ventilation and a noisy building that did not have adequate bathroom facilities for the workers.
Meanwhile, people with outstanding mail can report to the post office to collect them today.

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