Post Office sit-in ends

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Sorting of mail will resume at the General Post Office today with postmen expected to begin delivering mail to businesses and homes, ending a sit in which started just over a week ago.
Since last week Monday, approximately 80 postmen and sorters have not been working because of an “overnight” change in workstation assignments that they met when they reported for their shift on June 11.
After meeting with the permanent secretary responsible for the government’s postal services yesterday, the workers returned to their previous workstations and promised to work, only if the non-post office worker, whom they claim has been running the post office, is not around.
“This woman is not employed by the post office, yet she seems to be controlling what happens here. We have already put back our seats and we will be working from [today] but only if that girl is not here,” an employee told OBSERVER media yesterday.
The 10 a.m. meeting yesterday with approximately 60 workers concluded after two hours, and workers said that they used that platform to vent their frustration.
Workers were informed more than a week ago of the changes that would be made to the layout, and they were not in agreement. When sorters and postmen turned up for work June 11 their workstations had been switched.
But when staff moved back to their previous stations, they received instructions to return to the new floor plan, and this led to the sit-in.
June 12 was the last time postal workers delivered mail, and at that time, employees said that their sit-in would continue until the issue was rectified.
Only the postmen and sorters were affected by this action. The parcel and cashier departments were still functioning.
One business that contacted OBSERVER media complained about not being able to mail statutory payments because mail was not being picked up at the Woods location of the Post Office.

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