Post office rates to increase

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Residents will now have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for postal services.

Postmaster General Algernon Gomes told Observer media that effective June 1st 2019, some of the rates that have been on the books for almost 10 years will increase.

Asked by Observer media what was the rationale for the rate hikes, Gomes said the move is to facilitate competitiveness in the changing business environment.

“For the past 10, 20 years the post office has been operating under the old rates. Just to be competitive in the market we have decided through the permanent secretary and the minister to increase our rates.”

He said the management of the post office met and reviewed the existing rates and found that they are not at all competitive.

The rate increases include the arrival of parcels from $1 to $5; advice of expedited mail service, registered and regular parcels – $5; duplicates and redirection cards – $5; storage of parcels from 50 cents to $15.

After 10 days for storage of parcels, the customer will have to pay $1 for each additional day – but not exceeding 90 days, after which the package will be returned to sender.

OBSERVER Media took to the streets yesterday to gauge public reaction to the news. The majority said the increases should be a little less.

“I understand that they have to be competitive, however, I think the increase is too much,” one person said.

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