Possible second police standoff on Barbuda

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There may once again be a standoff brewing between police and residents on the sister isle.
There was a five-hour standoff between Barbudan residents and the police on Sunday over access to the Fisheries complex. The police reportedly were trying to seize the keys to the building.
The Barbuda Council had been trying to get the police to leave the building by July so that the space could be used by fishermen during the Lobster season.
This morning (Wednesday), Barbuda MP Trevor Walker reported to OBSERVER that police officers armed with guns are in the vicinity of fisheries complex in Barbuda at the moment.
He was speaking on the Voice of the People after 11:15 A.M.

One account circulating on social media stated that Barbuda Affairs and Fisheries Minister Dean Jonas was on the sister isle with police.
OBSERVER reached out to Jonas but he told us he was in the normal Wednesday Cabinet meeting.
We were not able to reach the Acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney up to news time.

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