Port boss urges residents to collect their ‘abandoned’ goods

Manager of the Antigua Port Authority, Darwin Telemaque (file photo)
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By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

Port Manager Darwin Telemaque is appealing for residents to collect goods which they have imported but have seemingly abandoned at the port.

In the past, the port has dealt with the issue of having cargo stored at the warehouses for long periods of time, sometimes even years, but Telemaque said that with the Christmas season approaching, their work would be impeded if boxes upon boxes of imports remain unclaimed.

“One area that we want the public to help us with is to come in and get your cargo. If your cargo stays in the warehouse, it clogs it up. We want the customers to take their goods.

“If they take their goods, we can offload more and if we keep allowing people to take their goods, then you will have stores that will get them to put them up for sale and you have customers who get to meet their personal needs. We are happier if they take it rather than have it sit here,” he said.

He is reminding the public that there is a fee attached for any items that surpass the one-week storage limit. This charge, he explained, is something he would rather avoid applying, hence the reason for asking persons to come to the Deep Water Harbour to collect their cargo.

“We are not looking to make rent on the stuff staying there. We want you to take it because if you take it and we have space, we can deliver for everyone else, so work with us so that we can be able to ensure that everybody gets what they need. We want to ensure that this Christmas all the boxes are unstuffed and available for pickup,” Telemaque added.

Meanwhile, Customs Supervisor Denise O’Donoghue is advising residents to complete their Christmas shopping early to avoid delays.  

Late November to early January is the busiest time for online shopping with the Christmas holiday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching.

This usually results in delayed shipping around the world and, with the pandemic having already affected supply chains, delays could be exacerbated.

Because of this, O’Donoghue is encouraging residents to get a head start on their Christmas lists.

“Try and get in your goods as soon as possible because normally during the Christmas time you have a lot of goods that are delayed [due to] shipping problems. We also hear of impending food shortages, so with all that in mind try and get your list together; buy your stuff overseas and bring them in. The earlier you order the better,” O’Donoghue recommended.

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