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Port Authority investigating freak accident

Screen grab of video showing men injured in the port accident

Officials at the Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority have requested a full review of an incident that almost ended in tragedy.

On Monday, two men were rushed to the hospital after nearly being crushed by a shipping container.

Port boss Darwin Telemaque told state media that the incident occurred as a shipping company – Seaboard Marine – was back-loading shipping containers in a routine exercise.

During the process, both men, who reportedly were out of the line of sight of the operator, became trapped between two units.

Telemaque said that the operator realised something was wrong and adjusted the containers after seeing what had happened.

The men were released from the hospital and are suffering headaches, according to Telemaque.

He is hopeful that the review will unearth recommendations that will ultimately lead to a safer working environment.



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