Popular social media activist untroubled by ‘death threats’

Popular social media activist, J Truth (real name Ameen Diaz)
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By Neto Baptiste

Popular social media activist, J Truth (Ameen Diaz), says he is not fazed by apparent “death threats” he received during a Facebook Live video.

Speaking with Observer Radio, J Truth said he will continue to agitate for change despite the detractors – and vowed to stand his ground.

“I didn’t feel anyhow; I don’t know if that is what they were really trying to do [intimidate me] but even before it got to that I had already said on my Live that what I am doing is God’s work,” he said.

“I am not doing it for monetary gain; even though people would donate and support I didn’t start for any monetary gain. When I started out with my 17 to 23 viewers it was because I love it and I liked the vibes and the interaction with people so whatever they are trying to do to deter me it will not deter me,” he pledged.

Someone using the Facebook handle, Jhon Jaider Almarales, commented on J Truth’s video posted over the last 24 hours, suggesting that “gunmen” would “come” for him.

The threat went on to ask whether or not his supporters would be able to save his “loud mouth”.

In another comment, the person making the threat went on to state that “the Customs officer thought God had him too…..we know how that went.” The latter is believed to be a reference to the recent murder of Customs inspector, Nigel Christian.

J Truth revealed that many of his followers had sent him screenshots of the threats.

“People screenshot it and send it to me but, like I said, I don’t take it serious but everybody around me is telling me to take it serious and go and report it but if was just for me I would just be cool and calm and sit down until they come for me,” he said.

He later told Observer that he had made a formal report to police. Police spokesman Inspector Frankie Thomas told Observer they were aware of the threats and were looking into the matter.

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