‘Poor house’ re-building in the works

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Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has announced plans to repair the dilapidated buildings at the Fiennes Institute, which currently serve as the government-owned care centre for elderly people.
“We have our elderly home which started over 90 years ago, the structure has now been proven to be inadequate and the government has finally made a decision that we must rebuild the Fiennes Institute here in Antigua & Barbuda and make it a modern purpose-built facility for our elderly in this society,” Joseph said.
The minister’s declaration followed the plea by Cliff Walker, Chairman of the Friends of Fiennes Institute charity, for the government to publicise any future development for the facility often referred to as “poor house”.
In an OBSERVER media interview, Joseph dismissed complaints from the charity and extended an invitation for the group to approach the ministry officials for open-discussion.
“The Friends of Fiennes have not really approached the government to find out what we’re doing, I think I heard that there is a claim they have had a long-time relationship with Fiennes, well we would welcome them to come into the ministry to find out exactly how we intend to reform and re-develop Fiennes,” Joseph said.
The health minister was speaking at an event organised by the condominium beach resort ‘Antigua Village’ to hand over the first of a two-part donation for the Care Project currently operating at the old Holberton Hospital’s Paediatric Ward.
The operators of the Care Project received clothing, diapers, food items and cleaning supplies for use by the challenged individuals the group cares for. OBSERVER media was told the value of the donation amounts to $10,000.
In thanking the corporate citizen, the minister also spoke of transforming many other care facilities, which fall under his ministry.
He added, “What we’re talking about here in Antigua & Barbuda, whether it’s the Care project, the Fiennes Institute, Clarevue or the Rehabilitation centre, we are reviewing all these facilities to ensure that facilities are adequate, to ensure the staffing is adequate and that the staff [are] well-trained.”

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