Pompeo denies dividing CARICOM

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(Barbados Today) – The United States has denied suggestions that it is working towards dividing the 15-member regional integration movement, Caribbean Community (CARICOM), as its Secretary of State Michael Pompeo Wednesday held “frank discussions” with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“There is no intent by the United States to divide CARICOM. Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. We want all the countries of this region to prosper and be successful,’ Pompeo told a news conference following the talks with Holness.

“We know countries in this region will agree with the United States on certain positions from time to time and disagree with us from time to time. That’s true for Jamaica as well as for many of the folks that I visit with this afternoon.

“We want to invite them all to be part of the economic prosperity security zone that is this region. We welcome the leadership that Jamaica has demonstrated in this region, in the CARICOM,” he added.

“There is absolutely no attempt to divide, we have conversations, dialogue with every country, we welcome that, we want to meet with them all, We would welcome them all to participate in all the conversations that we are having about the important issues and the things that matter to the United States of America, we think matter to each and every country in the CARICOM.

“We have significant economic, social and cultural interests, so we should not accede to create an artificial divide. Jamaica’s interest is to unite the region for prosperity, freedom and peace,” Holness told reporters.

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