‘Politics stops for no one’- DNA defiant despite high profile departures

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Former DNA Secretary-General and the party’s former candidate for St John’s City West, Gatesworth James officially left the DNA yesterday. (Photo via DNA website)
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By Robert A Emmanuel

[email protected]

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) continues to trudge on in their efforts to influence the electorate of Antigua and Barbuda, despite the resignations of three high ranking officials within the party’s ranks.

Spokesperson and DNA candidate for the St Peter constituency, Chaneil Imhoff spoke to Observer media about the latest public resignation of the party’s Secretary-General, Gatesworth James.

In a statement, she noted that, “Politics is dynamic, and it is about both addition and subtraction. The DNA has built a team of leaders and, like many growing organisations before us, we will gain and lose members as we go along.

“[Resignations are] not new in the politics of Antigua and Barbuda but if we are to present ourselves as new, fresh, and dynamic, we must always hold firm to our party’s ethos,” the party spokesperson replied.

She also wished the departed individuals well but “the marathon will always continue”.

The DNA announced that the departure of James — who also served as the party candidate for the St John’s City West constituency — yesterday morning after he sent his resignation to Deputy Secretary-General, Marjorie Parchment on 31 October.

In their official statement, the party also claimed that he was also interested in joining the United Progressive Party (UPP).

The party also stated that the reasons given by the now former Secretary-General — citing the dismissal of the party’s leadership group, and a statement from party leaders last week making what he called “careless, threatening and deliberately inaccurate remarks” about those he described as dedicated and hardworking founding party members — were unfounded.

“It has been speculated that, for some time now, that he intends to join forces with and endorse the UPP candidate for the constituency in which he was slated to contest. He, too, failed in his attempts to have the DNA merge with and be subsumed by the UPP,” the statement alluded.

Gatesworth James’s comments about the DNA bore similarities to those made by former Chairperson Malaka Parker and First Vice-President Bruce Goodwin who announced their own resignations last week.

Whether there will be more resignations from the new political party continues to be unknown at the time of writing, however the DNA spokesperson said the party remains committed to contest the next general election—constitutionally due March 2023—with a full slate of candidates.

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