Political poll predicts marginal win for DLP

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Close to 1,000 locals aged 18 and older participated in a survey conducted by Barbados-based pollster, Peter Wickham of Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES). 

The findings of this exercise were revealed at a press conference on Thursday and predicts a victory for the DLP albeit not a landslide one. 

Peter Wickham revealed data that indicate 37 percent of those polled intend to vote for the DLP and 30 percent for the UWP. 

Thirty-three per cent was uncertain or did not commit -collectively referred to as the uncertain vote. 

The survey also shows that 48 percent of those polled expect the ruling DLP to win with 27 percent expecting the UWP to win the elections. 

Wickham wants to be clear that those results do not necessarily reflect those voters’ intentions but their expectation.

He also says a large percentage of the sample reflect apathy towards the elections; a factor called voter lethargy to which both parties should pay attention.

He believes that the uncertain vote which is close to one-third of voters is large enough to influence the election. 

The organisation is predicting a win for the Labour Party based on trends that the uncertain voters are inclined to vote historically- in this case for the DLP. 

Cadres says support for the DLP will show a decline but will likely not affect the predicted win.

Results of the poll have been revealed that indicate that electoral reform is not at the top of the list of concerns for the Dominica electorate. 

Dominicans from all 21 constituencies were polled since the announcement of general elections. 

Peter Wickham of CADRES, Caribbean Research Development Services executed the survey and says the cost of living as well as economic factors are actually the major concerns for the electorate.

 Electoral reform has been a common phrase for the past times with the Opposition party demanding changes urgently and the ruling party giving reasons for not executing those changes.

The polls show that this issue is not at the fore of voter concerns, according to CADRES. 

CADRES has been working in Dominica for the past 20 years.

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