Political conflict aggravating bribery scandal, experts say

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Financial and political consultants have said that ‘blind’ party politics is distracting from the ethical concerns of an international bribery scandal, allowing politicians to act dishonestly with impunity.
One international political advisor in particular, Dr Isaac Newton, gave an impassioned statement on The Big Issues concerning the mutual lawsuits filed by members of both political parties in Antigua & Barbuda, declaring them a smokescreen for the bribery scandal.
“We get caught up in things that are technically legal, but morally wrong,” Dr Newton said. “Our politicians use the political arena as leverage to empower themselves, to enrich themselves, at the expense of the people so they’re stuck in the poverty that lingers across the Caribbean, simply because we have accepted poor levels of moral leadership,” he said.
Dr Newton added that Prime Minister Gaston Browne must take responsibility for the situation and set a moral standard to avoid jeopardising Antigua’s financial integrity.
“The prime minister is 100 per cent not guilty until so proven guilty, and he has a right to defend his name and the good reputation of Antigua & Barbuda,” Dr Newton said. “But the truth is that we have a serious problem in the Caribbean, especially in Antigua. The problem is we get so caught up in blind party politics, and we cut each other to death while we allow our politicians to get away with murder.”
Financial Management Consultant Rawle Mitchell said that Prime Minister Browne must provide additional information that is clear and concise as possible on Antigua’s involvement in the allegations of bribery.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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