Political advisor cautions PM Browne

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Political Advisor Isaac Newton has weighed in on a decision by Prime Minister Gaston Browne to file a lawsuit against Opposition Senator, Damani Tabor, saying he should have been more tempered and cautious with the rapid move.
The prime minister and Tabor have said they would sue each other, after Browne alleged that Tabor spread “false” and “malicious” accusations about him, concerning the Odebrecht scandal.
A December 30 release from the Office of the
Prime Minister said the libel (defamation) was committed by way of the
headline of a December 29 press release, which Tabor circulated as the PRO of the UPP.
But Newton said if there were no connections to the PM, his name would not have been mentioned in the document.
The threats to sue began with a press statement from the Opposition United Progressive Party, late December.
The prime minister said the wording of the headline in the statement implies action on his part, beyond the mere allegation of a meeting and the conversation with the Brazilian company Odebrecht.
The UPP release called for the prime minister to provide details surrounding a meeting that took place in Miami, Florida, with officials of Odebrecht and a high-ranking official and an intermediary representing Antigua & Barbuda.
Browne said he has retained lawyers to sue Tabor and the United Progressive Party for libel.
In turn, Tabor said he would countersue the prime minister for malicious and unfounded litigation.”
However, Newton said whether the allegations hold up in court or can be proven to be true is another story.
Isaac said while Browne has the right to protect his good name, the PM’s good name is not more sacred than that of the country.
He concluded that the PM overreacted to the UPP’s statement.

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