Police yet to charge Yepton Beach gunman

St. John’s Antigua- Police are yet to file charges against the gunman who opened fire on them at Yepton’s Beach two Wednesdays ago.

Sources said the suspect, who was nabbed the same afternoon after a two-hour standoff with the cops, was released over the weekend and reportedly detained again this week.

Lawmen had, for several days, said they were still looking for the gun he used. Reports indicate the police now have a weapon in their possession, but sources said they are not certain it is the same one allegedly used during the shootout.

The suspect, who is said to be well known to the court, is in his 40s.

In an earlier press statement, police said they were patrolling the beach around noon on December 12 when they saw the suspect lurking with a “silver gun in his hand” and his face partially covered by a red T-shirt.

At the time, two families were reportedly picnicking on the beach.

When the police confronted him, they said he discharged the weapon in their direction and then fled into the bushes, close to the water.

The police said they requested assistance from the Coast Guard and eventually the suspect was captured and taken into custody.

Gray’s Farm police were initially handling the matter, but it has since been turned over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

The man is reportedly wanted for a number of incidents.

Police spokesman Senior Sergeant William Holder yesterday assured residents the force has stepped up patrols in the city for the holiday, as well as, on the country’s beaches as the tourist season is in full gear.