Police warns motorists to stop fleeing accident scenes

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Drivers caught holding the bill when motorists flee the scene of accidents are being told to take note of any information that could trail offenders.
Corporal Kenny McBurnie of the Traffic Department said whether the collision is minor or major all parties involved in the crash should remain on the scene until first responders arrive.
“You must remember that when you hit someone that is damaged caused to their vehicle and someone, would have to replace or repair that vehicle, which can be costly. Someone has to be responsible in a situation like that,” McBurnie said. “If they are not seen by anyone, the other driver suffers as a result.”
The traffic officer said hit-and-run offenders are leaving the scenes of collisions without leaving any form of identification, information or trace of who they are.
He urged drivers, passengers and other witnesses to take detailed notes that can help police track down the traffic offenders.
McBurnie noted details can include colour, tints, aesthetic modification, make and model of vehicle, noticeable dents and scratches, decals, fashion plates, stylish licence plate and frames.
The traffic officer said there are several reasons why someone involved in a traffic accident would flee the scene before the police arrive and this includes, but is not limited to, driving an unlicenced or uninsured vehicle or driving without owners’ permission.
“Yes, it is an arrestable offence, but, you should not have been driving. If someone is drunk then they sometimes hit two, three vehicles or even a wall, or end up in a gutter. Drivers, you must remember that the roads you are using is used by others. The driver can also hit a pedestrian and that is very dangerous,” he added. 
Injured occupants of vehicles are often transported for medical care after their information is taken.

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