Police urge escaped prisoner to surrender

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The police and prison authorities are seeking the help of the public in finding escaped prisoner Josh Joyce of Villa, and are urging him to surrender to the authorities after what marks his second escape in just four months.

The inmate reportedly escaped from the confines of His Majesty’s Prison sometime around 8:45 am on Friday, 8th December. He was last seen wearing a bright floral-coloured shirt.

Diagnosed with mental health challenges, Joyce reportedly scaled the prison walls on Friday morning after having been on remand for receiving stolen goods.

Several searches have been carried out to find him but have proven unsuccessful.

Prison Superintendent Colonel Trevor Pennyfeather revealed that Joyce used the back of an area while playing soccer in the prison yard to make his getaway.

Recently installed CCTV cameras captured the inmate scaling the wall after navigating through an alleyway.

Pennyfeather noted that the escape likely resulted in physical damage for Joyce, given the manner in which he jumped.

“An ordinary person would not take that leap,” he said.

He emphasized that an officer was supposed to be stationed at the post, overlooking the area where the escape occurred—a lapse currently under investigation by prison authorities.

Anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to contact any of the police stations or His Majesty’s Prison at 462-0503.

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