Police to ramp up security for Carnival 2022

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Minister of Public Safety, Steadroy Benjamin (File photo)
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Local authorities are working quickly to ensure a safe and successful season as revellers, vendors and organisers count down the days to the start of this year’s Carnival celebrations.

The country has seen a rise in the number of break-ins and robberies involving residential properties, businesses and motor vehicles over the past few weeks.

Public Safety Minister Steadroy Benjamin assured residents that efforts are being made to curtail criminal activities during the week of Carnival by increasing security and surveillance measures.

“Yes, we are concerned about the recent rise in breaking and larceny offences and we are also concerned about the breaking into of motorcars which are parked at these functions.

“We will be increasing surveillance in those areas,” Benjamin said in an interview over the weekend.

He also indicated that police will be working alongside fete promoters to protect against malicious damage to vehicles while patrons are inside the venue partying.

“We will be meeting with all of the proprietors of these fetes to make certain that we adequately work out the security features to protect persons – not only themselves, but also their vehicles when they are parked in different secluded areas,” Benjamin added.

As police play their part in maintaining law and order during the upcoming festivities which officially kick off on July 27, ordinary citizens were being reminded they have a role to play too.

The public was advised to adopt personal safety measures including securing homes with high quality locks on doors and windows, ensuring valuables are kept in a safe or similar area, remaining vigilant at all times and installing surveillance cameras where possible.

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