Police to ramp up efforts to deter speeding

Police speed checkpoint on Sir George Walter Highway (Photo by Latrishka Thomas)
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By Latrishka Thomas

As the first Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project nears completion, police are determined to mitigate against traffic accidents, noting that the new smooth roads currently under construction may attract reckless driving.

Thus, police speed checks will be reinstituted in short order, head of the Police Traffic Department, ASP Rodney Ellis, said.

“We will be carrying out checks on those major roads, areas like the Sir George Walter Highway, the Sir Sidney Walling Highway, All Saints Road,” he explained.

“Soon from now we’ll be introducing back those radar guns so we’ll be on the street day and night monitoring the traffic flow especially on Friars Hill Road and the Sir George Walter Highway where the roads have just been refurbished,” Ellis revealed.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police also said that plans are still in place for increased road patrols.

“We were supposed to be getting some new motorcycles, however due to the Covid-19 situation, we have not received them as yet so there you would see increased patrol on all of the streets, ticketing.

“Also, any person who got charged for dangerous driving, recommendation would be made through the Commissioner of Police to have their licence suspended until the outcome of the court case,” the traffic boss added.

Just last week, the newly repaved Sir George Walter Highway was the scene of a multi-car accident in the vicinity of the Unicomer Distribution Center.

The four-vehicle collision left one man nursing injuries in hospital after he was thrown from the back of a truck carrying cement.

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