Police to beef up beach security

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By Latrishka Thomas

Due to the recent spate of robberies across Antigua and Barbuda and more specifically, the beaches, the government has decided to further increase security at the country’s main attractions.

The government had, in recent times, ramped up mobile patrol on beaches. But after a recent meeting held with Public Safety Minister, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, and senior members of the police force, lifeguards, beach protection officers, beach liaison officers and officials within the ministries of tourism and public safety, more precautionary measures will be put in place.

Benjamin said that they have, “identified the spots where these things occur, we have increased surveillance. We have, out in place, preventative measures which I cannot disclose for security reasons … and have also decided to train nine or 10 liaison officers and protection officers.

He added, that the ministry plans to, “make the qualified ones become special police constables having the authority and power just as a police officer [would have].”

Benjamin said that he and the others who participated in the meeting believe, “that having put these measures in place, that will put an end to what’s occurring and we are satisfied that we will address that problem before it becomes uncontrollable.”

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