Police still searching for man missing from bloodstained house

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The police have increased the number of officers looking for 42-year-old Craig Richards also known as “Twin”, “Junie” and “Boss” whose whereabouts were still unknown up to last evening.
While they have not indicated the exact number of lawmen searching for him, police sources said there are two teams searching and more officers have been assigned to join the operation.
Police sources told OBSERVER media they have searched Radio Range where his vehicle was found with bloodstains inside, nearby an apartment building; they have also searched Bendals and Bathlodge and areas in St John’s.
Lawmen said they secured the area at his Bathlodge home on Wednesday after they discovered blood inside the house and near the entrance of the property.
According to a statement from the police’s Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) department, Richards was last seen in the vicinity of Robinson Service Station on Tuesday, sometime after 5:30 pm.
The missing man was dressed in a grey T-shirt, black jeans and driving his 3-door Toyota Rav4, R 3355.
According to police sources Richards was reported missing on Wednesday after he failed to pick up his fiancé from work as planned Tuesday evening.
They said the woman alerted them after her calls to his phone went unanswered.
Lawmen are appealing to anyone with information about Richard’s location to contact any police station or the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914.
Richards is said to be six feet tall, weighing approximately 160 pounds, with a slim built and brown complexion.

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