Police seek assailant in Gray’s Farm Shooting

A 46-year-old Grays Farm resident who appeared to have been the target of a shooting Tuesday night is hospitalised with two gunshot wounds, while the shooter is still on the run.

The shooting victim, whose name has been withheld by police for his safety, reported that he was walking along the “big bridge” in the Hatton area around 11:30 pm when he heard an explosion.

The man said he felt a burning sensation in his lower right arm and he sought to protect himself by lying on the road. However, the shooter fired another shot at the 46 year old, this time the bullet struck him in the right shoulder and exited through his armpit.

Though hospital officials reported that the man’s injuries are serious, they said they are not life threatening.

In the meantime, another Grays Farm resident reported that he heard the gunfire and ran home. Upon his arrival home he said he observed his right ankle was bleeding.

He said he believes he may have been struck by a bullet.

The man said he did not give a report to the police because “nothing serious happen to (him).”

The police have issued a call for persons who have information about the crime to report the details to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 462-3913/14.