Police respond to ACB dragging video

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The police have responded to a video of a woman being dragged by an officer out of the St Mary’s Street branch of Antigua Commercial Bank (ACB) on Friday.
In a video, posted to Facebook, a male police officer can be seen forcibly removing the woman, kicking and screaming, from the building.
According to a statement released by STRATCOM yesterday, the police was summoned to the bank to render assistance, as a result of a report made of her behaviour inside the bank.
The police said this was only one of many instances, where they were called to the said bank, among several other business places, to address similar incidents involving the same woman.
According to the release “the woman appears to be mentally challenged.
In the video, the woman can be heard screaming “let me go” and “murder,” while onlookers questioned why the police officer was removing her in that manner.
During the scuffle, the woman kicked the officer, while two others present and can be seen fixing the mat at the bank’s entrance.
Further details were given indicating that the police struggled to subdue the woman, which led to the altercation that is seen in the video making its rounds on social media.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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