Police report slight dip in criminal activity

Police Commissioner, Atlee Rodney (File photo)
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Amidst ongoing efforts to maintain law and order, authorities have reported a decline in criminal incidents compared to earlier this year.

Commissioner of Police Altlee Rodney highlighted the positive trend, noting that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has observed a noticeable decrease in criminal matters, signalling a potential step forward in the realm of public safety.

Despite the challenges posed by the carnival season, which often witnesses an uptick in various offenses, Rodney underlined that the numbers have remained relatively low even after a bustling carnival period.

“The numbers are going down at that stage. During carnival, it is always difficult for us with the numbers going up, and I am glad to see that this year it’s not as bad as other years. There are some signs of improvement,” he affirmed.

While the decline in criminal activity is encouraging, Rodney issued a reminder to the public to remain vigilant and cautious. He emphasised the importance of taking advantage of crime prevention tips provided by law enforcement.

“Take those crime tips that we are providing, and I want to ask my officers not to be complacent. Let us continue to be proactive because I think that is what has assisted us greatly,” he urged.

In spite of the positive news, the issue of illegal firearms continues to be a significant concern for law enforcement. Rodney highlighted that the global issue of illegal firearms isn’t isolated from this jurisdiction.

“We are not exempted from it,” Rodney acknowledged, acknowledging the allure of illicit firearms and the challenges they present.

He went on to reveal that about 30 firearms have been confiscated thus far this year and said that some of these seizures were made possible through the cooperation of residents.

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