Police allegedly refuse to take Namba’s report of robbery

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Former Culture Minister, Eleston “Namba” Adams, was robbed on Sunday evening just outside the market area more popularly known as ‘Ben Dung’.

The former minister recalled that, while on his phone, a bicycle gang of four youths approached him from his rear and snatched his iPhone X.

The smart phone is said to be valued at over $5,000.

The robbers then proceeded to flee on their bikes in the direction of the Grays Farm community. Adams attempted to pursue the gang on foot, but his pursuit was quickly found to be futile as he was out-paced and out-distanced in his efforts.

Adams then made his way to the the Gray’s Farm police station where he was told by officers there that the incident would have occurred outside of their jurisdiction.

Thus, the officer in charge advised the former minister that he should make his report with the Criminal Investigations Unit (CID) at the St. John’s Police Station.

However, the officers at the CID department, uponing hearing Adams’ story, proceeded to refer him back to the Gray’s Farm police station.

When our newsroom last spoke with a Adams, now frustrated and irate at the back and forth, he had since made his third trip to the Grays Farm station as he vowed not to let the matter rest as he intended to, “get the police commissioner involved,” before the day’s end.

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  1. If he went to the Grays Farm Police Station.Why they could not take a statement and then referred the matter internally to the St.John’s Police Station. Namba or anyone else should not be given the run around.All Police Stations should have total jurisdictions around the entire country.If that is not happening.It needs to change like yesterday.A Police is a Police 24/7.


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