Police probe tragic death of young mother

Deceased, Monica Phillip
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The partner of 33-year- old Monica Phillip, who died on Monday night, is assisting police with their investigations following an incident that has left many people in the twin island nation reeling in shock.

It is alleged that the woman was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by the yet to be identified male when a verbal altercation started.

Reports are that Phillip exited the moving vehicle in the vicinity Big Creek, at which time she sustained fatal injuries.

She was taken to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre where she was pronounced dead.

The mother of eight children, the youngest of whom is six months old, resided in Nut Grove but she is originally from Golden Grove.

Word of her tragic passing sent shockwaves throughout both communities as the villagers convened throughout the day as they attempted to process the development.

The communications arm of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda – STRATCOM — is yet to release a detailed report on the matter, but a representative indicated that information will be forthcoming. 

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