Police probe separate reports of wounding and attempted robbery

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A North Street man is hospitalised with serious and possibly life threatening head injuries following an attack around midday on Tuesday in Point, a police report has confirmed.

The victim, 48-year-old James Horsford, was struck multiple times to the head with an 8-inch concrete block during an argument with another man while he was standing on Wilkinson Cross.

The attacker fled the scene and continued to evade the police up to yesterday.

A witness reported the incident to the emergency hotline 911 and officers from the St. John’s Police Station responded.

The lawmen found Horsford bleeding profusely from the wounds on his forehead, and he was also vomitting for quite some time.

Meanwhile, a Martin’s Village shopkeeper is still traumatised after five armed men assaulted and tried to rob him at his business place about 6:35 pm on Monday.

It is alleged that the intruders tried to hop over the counter at the shop but could not do so because it was secured with wire mesh. One of the attackers threatened to shoot the shop owner and pointed a gun at him.

The businessman ran from the shop and reported the incident to relatives who called 911 and the police. The criminals fled without gaining access to the area behind the counter and without hurting the owner.

The police are investigating the earlier mentioned wounding and the armed robbery attempt.

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